Automated Work Processes

We’ve created automated work processes for you using the timeline and property match to your client, with email notification support. These processes make your work easier and help you stay in constant contact with your clients, optimizing actions for ongoing work.


Browser Support
The system supports all browsers.

Smartphone & Tablet Support
The system supports all types of smartphones and tablets, from any location. Full support for iPhone / iPad / Android devices.

Updated Information
The system offers an automatic refresh mechanism so information displayed for you within the system is always up-to-date.

System Accessibility
No installation is required. All you need to run the system is a computer with internet access.

The only system with 3 integrated databases

1. FSBO (for sale by owner) property database
2. Realtors property database
3. Tax authority sales transactions database

1. FSBO property database:
a. 24/7 property database – Properties are updated 24/7. The system collects listing data online and from local publications.
b. Property debriefing – Our experienced and skilled phone staff works to ensure listing details are complete.
c. Automatic email – Sales agents receive emails automatically about new properties that might be appropriate for their clients.

2. MLS realtors property database:
a. Full exclusive properties database for your area.
b. Full database of all general realtors’ listings.
c. Automated email to all sales agents about exclusive new properties that might be appropriate for their clients.

3. Tax authority sales transactions database:
a. Sales transactions are listed on every property file and can be used to create advance reports.

Marketing and Branding for Real-Estate Professionals

CMA (Comparison Market Analysis ) Report
Producing CMA reports for a property or potential client. Impressively clear presentation of property price in comparison with past sales and property price in comparison with those presently available for sale.

Advertisement / Brochure for Every Property
Keep your agency in the contact person’s awareness. Send a beautifully-designed property brochure to a potential buyer with a click of a button.

Digital signature with no agreement limitation

An advanced digital signature system that allows customers to sign easily and quickly from mobile without limiting agreements. A simple and convenient work interface for the office manager and agents

User Interface

Quick Search
Quickly find every client in the system using smart search with auto-complete.

Quick Create Button
Easily create a property / buyer-seller prospect / meeting / task or any other item.

Personal Account
Every user has a personal account, which brings together all related properties and clients.

Main Menu
We’ve put the main menu together specially so you’ll find the whole experience completely intuitive.


Personal Account
Your personal account is your central location to receive all related updates and notices in one place.

Personal Notifications
Stay up-to-date with everything related to your clients using the smart notification function.

Record Updates
Add comments on a property’s file or buyer/tenant and notify your colleagues about every important update.

Reliability & Security

The cloud-based storage system is supported by EMC data protection products, offering the highest level of confidence to enable ongoing continuity of business operations. Information is stored on company servers is backed up regularly and on an ongoing basis.

Servers and communication are encrypted at the highest level of security. All communication and data are encrypted and secure.

Protection Mechanisms
Servers are located in an international server farm and apply firewall, DDoS, and other security functions in order to guarantee continuous ongoing operation.

Virtual Server Network
NadlanOne’s server network is managed virtually using the VMware platform.


On a busy day, when you’re tied up with work, it’s hard to remember what you need to do and when. That’s when the system enters the picture, reminding you every time a deadline is approaching or is reached.

Task Management
Create relevant tasks for buying / tenant clients and your property owners, manage these tasks according to a daily / weekly / monthly schedule, and track task execution.

Task Display
Decide what the best way is to manage your own tasks. Create a daily / weekly / monthly task display board, display open/closed tasks display all tasks, display only your own tasks, etc.


Agent Management
Agent Management allows privacy, so that every agent sees only his or her data.

Role Permission
Role permission allows setting the authorization level for each user according to job function.


Free Search
System search is based on search in all text fields within the system, so you can find whatever you’re looking for.

Can’t find a property you’re looking for? Type in the details in the search function and it finds it for you right away.

Saved Searches and Auto-Notification
Search one time and save the specific search settings you’re interested in. From that point on, properties meeting your search criteria will be emailed to you automatically.

Buyer / Tenant Clients

Tasks & Meeting Management
Set up meetings and create tasks for any client in the system.

General History Management
Automatically track activities within a client file. This allows you to receive a comprehensive client history of all activities, updates and communications.

Agent Agreement
Showing properties to a potential buyer / tenant ? With the click of a button, print this form, saving precious time and making your job more efficient.

Client Detail Management
Everything you need to know about a client in one place, offering your sales team a clear picture of the client and the client’s activities.

Ongoing Updates
Create a notification on the client’s screen and notify your colleagues of any important client updates.

Sales Opportunities Management
Managing the client’s sales opportunities helps you understand which properties your client is interested in, which new properties are most suitable which haven’t yet been handled, which properties your client has already visited and which are presently under negotiation, as well as the sales status and more.

Automated Client Reminder Emails
Set up client meetings and send an email reminder with the location, time of the meeting and other details about properties you’ll be visiting.


Manage Tasks & Meetings
Set up meetings and create tasks related to a property with everything all the details and activities on a single system.

General History Management
Track every data update, activities and operations of every property file. This allows you to receive a complete picture about the history, including property owner operations.

Property Detail Management
Everything you need to know about the property, in one spot, providing your sales team with a clear picture of the property and related activities.


Ongoing Updates
Create a notification on the property’s screen and inform your colleagues of any important updates to the property.

Publish an advert
Create a property advert with a click of a button, saving precious time and making your marketing effort more efficient.